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I bloggen min skriver jeg om det som faller meg inn der og da. Derfor har den ingen rød trÃ¥d eller samlende tema, med den konsekvens at kategorien Diverse ganske stor. Bloggen min inneholder meninger, anekdoter fra dagliglivet, konspirasjoner, anvendt finans, filosofering, dikt jeg har skrevet og mye mer. Den dagen det bare er tørt […]

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Samtale med spøkelseskladden

10.08.06 in Onlinelivet


wow…have to say, very impressed with your profile.

You’re some woman. And that’s a beautiful photograph you have. You talk about values in your profile…well, there’s some sort of spark there in your eyes…I can see it! Oh yes…and a smile…well, that steals charms from men I’m sure.

There’s always something charming about a woman with a poetic heart who’s talented and beautiful…

I guess the question is…are you having an editing problem cutting down all the choices of guys trying to get ‘on your dance card’…(as they might say in the old days)

hmmm…rather nice to stumble across your profile…It’s a bit like suddenly seeing an amazing woman in the street, perhaps walking out of the theatre, or a bookshop, or a cafe…and one thinks…well, how on earth does one meet her?

Is there a rhyme & reason to that? ; )


Why are you sending messages from a deactivated profile?


because it’s deactivated…but I wanted to send you a mail.

I prefer to write to those I see are interesting. I used to have an active profile…but I think this place is somewhat of a zoo…and a profile is just an advert that saves people time from repeating the same information.

I think it’s best to get to know people in a dialogue…not an advert….so…derfor…as you say in Norwegian… : )

besides that…how are you?


So then… how would you have found me had I had a deactivated profile?

I like that people present themselves in a profile, Lord knows I have a lot of information out there about myself. And nothing or very little in the other end leaves the equation unbalanced.


well you have a blog…that’s your choice…It really (sincerely) has nothing to do with balance. You put info out there…I don’t.

But you can learn everything about me that you want to know…all you have to do is ask…Isn’t that how grown ups get to know one another…? : )

I’ve nothing to hide…but I give my confidence to the right people…And well you seem nice…

as for you deactivating your profile…well, you didn’t…so it’s not an issue… : )

there’s enough to worry about in life without worrying about what might be…


…and if you have msn…well we can chat…that way you’ll get briefed very fast…and if it’s not interesting…well, just don’t talk anymore…


Of course it is an issue. If everyone had deactivated profiles, this place would be full of people who did not talk. However, we may disagree on that. Personally I like to evaluate people before getting into the very intense msn (which I hate), who I want to talk to on that level, and I do that by looking at a profile, a photo and swapping some messages.

I’m not going to say more – just that I do believe you will have a struggle getting to know people this way :o)


that’s ok…I understand…you just want the power to dismiss people and edit them.

wouldn’t have taken 2 minutes to actually get to know someone on msn…it’s only as intense as you want…

shame…you seemed like a smart woman…

but good luck.


And you don’t?


What you in effect have said, is that you vill not give anything, unless you approve of the person you find, surfing with your deactivated profile. And you expect people to do the exact opposite, namely talk to you without you giving anything in the form of something people can base their impression of.


base your impression on a conversation. don’t be so shallow.

jeesus…you’re difficult.


I am far from shallow :o) There should be enough of my footprints around to prove otherwise.

The problem is, you have no footprints. That is your choice, of course. And I’ll leave you to it – someone will think you are worth a million even though you have no footprints for them to even begin to evaluate that on.


you seem like a nice lady and I just wanted to say hi and chat…Same as if I’d met you at a dinner, or in a cafe.

don’t put obstacles in the way. that’s advice for dealing with other men.

enjoy. and like I said…good luck.


If I met you at a dinner – the big difference is that I would see you. This way, I am blind.

Good luck to you too.


I would have shown you my photo on msn, or sent it on mail…simple.


To see you is not just a photo – it would be the way you present yourself. Deactivated profiles are usually deactivated for a reason.

Anyways – good luck.


and I told you the reason…

you’ve got to learn to trust people one day…

good luck too.



Trust people on because they say so?


no…because we live on planet Earth and in the end you have to trust people—try it sometime—it might suit you…


I think is really not on planet Earth at all :o) It is wise to be a sceptic.

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  1. blues4u says:

    Haha, jeg fant, jeg fant!!
    (stod passord-tipset der hele tiden?
    Jeg prøvde meg frem med div. andre alternativerm, lenge, før jeg så den.)

    Denne samtalen minner om kontakt med berter pÃ¥ blink uten bilde. 😀
    Sånn kontakt blir meningsløs for meg også!

    God helg! 🙂

    ps. forøvrig et artig gjensyn med kladden. Leeeenge siden sist!

  2. Iskwew says:

    Ja da, det sto der hele tiden :o))
    Kontakt uten bilde og presentasjon bli meningsløs, sånn er det bare.