This is my visual corner of the www. Since I just bought a new camera, I though it would be nice to have a place on the www for my images. I shoot a lot of them, and sometimes they come out quite well. I am no skilled photographer – I just shoot interesting motives I stumble across.

My new camera is a Nikon D3100, my first SLR-camera. After having used a Nikon Coolpix P90 for a year and a half, it was time to move on to something even better.  I’m pretty sure I’m still going to use the P90, though. It’s small and takes quite good photos.  Easy to bring around in the purse.  I even still use my Canon Powershot A710IS – that one really has a good purse-size. I can bring that anywhere.

For me, taking photos is mostly about finding the right motives.  Catching the combination of light which makes for something special captured in a fraction of a second.  I love bringing the camera with me for a walk, because I see the world quite differently.  I see other things, since I am not in a hurry to get anywhere. I’m just out to find interesting things to shoot.

There are few images of people here. I believe you should be careful with placing images on the internet. Especially images of children. So there are no images of my son anywhere, and trust me, there are a few photos to pick from. But not here. If there are any images of people here, rest assured that I have asked for permission from the people in them.

Mostly it’s nature, buildings and cats you’ll find here.

Enjoy your stay in my visual corner of the www!