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Upgraded to wordpress 2.5

25.04.08 in Blogging

Last night I upgraded to wordpress 2.5. And while everything went OK with regards to plugins1 and template, I must say that I do not like the new admin interface in this version. I know the goal was to simplify, and to emphasise what bloggers use the most, but the flash overview you got on the dashboard in the previous versions (links, posts, comments) is gone.

This is especially problematic when I am using my PDA-phone. Before the wordpress admin was easily accesible, since the key information was grouped together in the admin panel. That is history. The new backend is extremely PDA-unfriendly. I am not exaggerating – it is now very difficult to use WordPress on a PDA with the small screen available on such devices. I really hope this is something they plan to fix in later versions of 2.5.

Also, the admin does not seem to agree well with IE 6.0, which my only browser-option at work. For one, I cannot expand the writing pane, and that makes it hard to write. In addition I do not see the different buttons for coding at all, making me have to hardkey anything from the More-tag, to blockquotes to links. In fact, I do not see the visual editor at all. But my employer will be pleased. I will for sure write fewer posts at work.

On the good side, the ability to upgrade plug-ins automatically is a plus.

Why did I upgrade? Because WordPress (as represented by Weblog tools collection) has managed to scare me into believing that my blog was vulnerable with previous versions. Technorati has highlighted the issue by refusing to link to blogs on older versions of WordPress, since the may contain spammy links. Since I do not want anyone to use me for spamming, I upgraded even though I did not like the look of the new version.

I will expand this post as I have used the new version more. And the post is written in English since I eventually plan to send it to

Update: And as soon as I upgradet 2.5.1 is out.  Meaning I have to upgrade again.

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  1. The only one with a problem was Alex Kings Popularity contest, but there is a fix for that []

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  1. Iversen says:

    But are you reallyd able to take advantage of the one-click upgrade of plug-ins? didn’t allow the old plug-in to, without making changes manually.

    Iversens siste bloggpost: En helt vanlig dag på jobben

  2. Iskwew says:

    Yes, I used it yesterday and there was no problem. The plugin I was able to use for a while, but then it stopped working. Maybe the same thing will happen with the built-in one.

  3. Iversen says:

    Hm. I’d bettter check for myself, I’m not totally sure about how it’ll work with this recent semi-move of mine.

  4. Iskwew says:

    Yes, do that. I also hope you write a post about the techniques of moving the domain. I am none too happy with, as you probably know.

  5. Iversen says:

    Hehe, I would if I knew how I did it – it wasn’t really my call, Thomas ( gave me space on his server for my birthday when I got to using more memory than would allow. He did all the work, I still have lots of stuff on’s servers. I have, however, removed the recommendation I used to show in my sidebar.

    Iversens siste bloggpost: En helt vanlig dag på jobben

  6. Iskwew says:

    Right – and happy belated birthday too!

    I feel very afraid when I think about moving the domain 😯 Probably mostly because I’m pretty clueless as to what is involved.

    On the other hand, after deactivating Clean archives reloaded, I don’t have any memory issues any more. And the problem might have disappeared in later versions of the plugins. I’ll remind myself to check that.

  7. Iversen says:

    June 1st, Isk. Thomas was just trigger happy. 😉

    I was scared senseless when he got going with the move, but a week later things seem to be closing in on normality.

    Iversens siste bloggpost: En helt vanlig dag på jobben

  8. Iskwew says:

    Aha 🙂 I will make a note of the actual date, then.

    I have a strong feeling I can’t do a move myself… so I have to find someone to help if I am to move.

  9. XmasB says:

    If you want safe-mode disabled in PHP don’t choose Surftown. I have my site there, and all plugins and code that requires safe mode turned off don’t work. they refuse to turn it off because of the security issues they claim is present when safe mode is turned off.

    Btw, If you want to use other programs at work, I would recommend looking at my post about programs on a stick – or USB pen. 🙂 I currently use Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin (IM client that includes msn) and a variety of other programs even though I don’t even have my own computer available (on course).

  10. Iskwew says:

    I read that post, and it’s something to look into, XmasB. However, there are so many people still using IE 6.0 that a platform like WordPress should be able to cope with it. I hope this is fixed in later releases.

    But the fact that it is so PDA-unfriendly is really an even bigger issue.

  11. bza says:

    Never choose a webhost with safe_mode turned off. You should rather try to find plugins with other requirements.

    Switching webhost is a small matter. Simply contact desired webhost and ask them to arrange all matters with the old webhost. Then backup all data on the old server and upload this to the new server when it is available. I did this when switchin to Subsys. No hassle, no pain!

    bzas siste bloggpost: Bekymringsmelding

  12. Iskwew says:

    *taking notes*

    I’m not convinced it’s a small matter to change host, bza. But I will read your post and see if you can convince me!

  13. Iskwew says:

    Og! Du var min besøkende nr. 150.000, bza :mrgreen:

  14. bza says:

    Wee, hvor er premien min?

    Var det lov å kommentere på norsk her og. Hvorfor driver vi da og rabler på midtnorskengelsk?

  15. bza says:

    BTW: Det var en del buggy meldinger som dukket opp da jeg kommenterte. Det var en klassisk “Headers Already Sent Error”

    bzas siste bloggpost: Bekymringsmelding

  16. Iskwew says:

    Ehh. Det kom litt brått på, så jeg har ikke pønsket ut noen premie enda. Skal pønske ut noe 🙂

    Det var Iversen som begynte ballet. Det hadde jo vært greit å skrive på engelsk i kommentarene om det kom noen innsikt kunne hatt nytte av.. siden jeg har tenkt å sende dem posten etterhvert.

    Den meldingen har jeg fått et par ganger, og det er mulig den er klassisk, men jeg har ikke en ide om hva det er. Det har kanskje du? *smiler blidt*

  17. Undre says:

    Back to English:

    I contacted WordPress.COM a few weeks back about their new dashboard because it’s not very suited for small laptop screens such as mine (I guess their dashboard is almost identical to the WordPress.ORG dashboard). I asked them if they would consider making an additional dashboard choice for smaller screens. They replied that they had added my note to their suggestion list.

    So …

    My advice is that people keep sending them complaints asking for a dashboard that fits small screens.

  18. bza says:

    Nah, studerte ikke så nøye hva som skapte den, men tilsynelatende var det commentløv-innstikket som genererte feilen. Kanskje en reinstallering av det innstikket kan løse biffen?

    bzas siste bloggpost: Bekymringsmelding

  19. Iskwew says:

    Undre, it is the same admin interface on as on And apparantly the same problem as well.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that the delete-button is dangerously close to the save-button. I will sum up and send something to

  20. Iskwew says:

    Det skal jeg forsøke, bza – takk for tips! Commentluv har hatt ørten oppdateringer i det siste. Muligens er det noe de sliter med.

  21. I have not done the upgrade yet, fear of change, but I have opened 3 new blogs which are in 2.5 and I have not found any issues with an aspect.
    Does not take the upgrade fear away!

    International Internet Marketings siste bloggpost: The Business Of Content

  22. Iskwew says:

    At least nothing broke in here. But I think there are a few issues with some other plugins.

    I hate upgrades! 🙂

  23. Undre says:

    I was very surprised when I first saw the new dashboard. And actually I wasn’t aware of when the upgrade was going to take place so I was working on a blogpost in my dashboard at the time and couldn’t understand what the heck was happening because the whole thing just seemed to have jammed up. But when I logged out and then on again I understood that the “problem” was the new dashboard.

    I don’t like change. And I really don’t like change that’s not a 100 % better alternative. It has taken me some time to familiarize myself with the new dashboard. I’m not sure if I think it’s all that logical. And I really can’t understand why they’ve not made it more compact. At least it would have been a whole lot better if WordPress had kept the menus on the right side of the editor instead of placing almost everything under the editor.

    The delete button isn’t a big deal because you have to confirm your action before the blogpost/draft is deleted.

    And yes, please sum up and send an e-mail to

    WordPress needs to listen to its users if it wants to keep on growing and not lose ground, so if enough people contact them they will make a change.

    Undres siste bloggpost: Cåverlåtparade 7: 4 X “Wuthering Heights”

  24. Iskwew says:

    The previous dashboard was a lot better for sure, in that it had all the essential information in the right column, and that was a big advantage when I was on my PDA. It was easy to find everything.

    And now I’ve been told to upgrade to wordpress 2.5.1 😈

  25. Undre says:

    Haha! They’ve made 2.5.1 already?

    Ok. Let me know how that one goes.

    Yes, I quite liked the system with everything being in the right column. It was very easy to access and I don’t see why they felt like changing that.

    I’m not very happy with the new categories system either, because I have so many categories and the categories loads so slowly.

  26. Iskwew says:

    That one went fine, and I didn’t even bother to follow the manual completely this time. No probs, I’m upgraded now.

    I don’t understand why the removed that right column – it made everything easily accessible.

    I have a few categories too – but that seems to work fine.

  27. Undre says:

    Oh, good!

    Messing up the right column was a bad choice.

  28. XmasB says:

    bza, the problem with safe mode is not plugin-related this time. When I try to use WordPress’ autoupgrade function for plugins I get an error about safe mode turned on (ok, it’s plugin-related, but not towards a specific plugin). It’s not a big deal, but I haven’t got the impression that safe mode really is necessary.

  29. XmasB says:

    Btw, Iskwew. I get a lot of php errors when commenting here.

  30. Iskwew says:

    I think it’s commentluv, XmasB (or bza thinks so 😀 ), so I’ll turn that one off and see if the problem stops. I want to give mye commentators the advertising possibility, but if it creates this amount of issues, I’m not using that plugin.

  31. XmasB says:

    Det var commentluv ja. Ihvertfall den som ga feilmeldingene.

  32. Iskwew says:

    Jepp, og dermed tror jeg den forsvinner herfra.

  33. Goodwill says:

    Jeg jubler i hvertfall over én ting, og det er at det nå går an å lese Hjørnet på mobilen! Herlig!

  34. Iskwew says:

    Herlig! Jeg strekker meg selvsagt langt for å gjøre det mulig for favorittlesere å lese Hjørnet på mobil 😉

    Jeg fant en veldig kjekk plugin. Den ble sporenstreks lastet ned.