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I bloggen min skriver jeg om det som faller meg inn der og da. Derfor har den ingen rød tråd eller samlende tema, med den konsekvens at kategorien Diverse ganske stor. Bloggen min inneholder meninger, anekdoter fra dagliglivet, konspirasjoner, anvendt finans, filosofering, dikt jeg har skrevet og mye mer. Den dagen det bare er tørt […]

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Is there anybody out there?

23.07.06 in Blogging

For natural reasons, since my blog is written in Norwegian, it is for the most part read by people coming from Norwegian sites. 91,3% to be exact. Remains 8,7% entering my domain from other countries. Namely these:

Some people from these locations have commented on something. But for the most part they have not. Some I have a good overview over, like those from Brasil, who are friends of mine there for the most part. And from the US at least one, that I know has been here, is a friend of mine. And some from Canada I also know, and it is natural that I get searches on the name Iskwew, as it is a cree name. But apart from that, I don’t know who you are. Some of you pop by regularely, too.

And that, my friends, makes me curious :o) So please, say hi and tell me how on earth you have found this Norwegian blog. I would love to know. My best guess is that you are Norwegians living abroad.

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  1. mybonnie says:

    Am here! Don’t know nothing on the norwegian part of the blog, but I did check it out before when you had first gave me your website =)

  2. Iskwew says:

    Hey girl! I am especially glad you’re here, since there definately would be no without you. Because I wouldn’t know about the name. Thanks for giving it to me, way back when in 1999 or something. I have use it ever since, and use it proudly, too :o)