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After having used the YAPB-plugin and the Phoblog-theme for a long time, it was time to move on and implement another template.  I was not happy being so dependant on a plugin for everything, and the Phoblog-theme is not maintained by it’s author.  Which means that with a change in WordPress-functionality, the theme might break.

I have been looking for a photoblog-theme to my liking for a long time, without finding one I was pleased with.  I don’t want to just present one image per page, but more than one, in a kind of magazine-style.

I have been using themes from Solostream for many years, but they do not have a photoblog-theme (yet).  But they have many great themes, and their latest, called WP-DaVinci has a lot of possibilites and a great deal of functionality which is handy, for instance treatment of thumbnails.  Essential for a photoblog.

So it dawned on me that I could probably use WP-DaVinci for a photoblog setup.  And I started changing size of thumbnails and the most important thing, the background colour.  For a photoblog I don’t think white is a colour that works well at all.  The background needs to be dark in order to highlight the images.

And before you know it, WP-davinci transformed from the original, to what you see here in Iskwews images.  The theme looks very different. But it was surprisingly easy to get it transformed to how I wanted it to look.  I attribute that to the themes Solostream makes being very flexible and having well organised code.  With a little help from Firefox Firebug, it was a piece of cake.

I am pleased to have a nice looking, and in my opinion more robust photoblog, thanks to Solostream and the marvellous WP-DaVinci theme framework.

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