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You don’t want me, #Apple

22.10.11 in Absolutt Iskwew

Sure, you want me to buy your gadgets, but you don’t want to keep me and maintain a good customer relation to me.

What made me realise that you really don’t want me  is that I installed iTunes 10.5 this week. On my fairly new HP laptop. A HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC with 6 GB RAM and Dual-Core 2800 Mhz processor running on Windows 7.  You’d think that would be sufficient to run an application for handling music and synkronising gadgets, wouldn’t you?  But this is what happend after installing iTunes 10.5:

Between iTunes using one of the cores, and Apple mobile device service the other, there was no memory left. Trying to synk the iPad just ended up in a loop,  it wasn’t even able to verify the device. Removing and reinstalling did not do anything. It took me five – 5 – evenings and a huge amount of problems before it was finally sorted out. There was problems to the extent that I had to use Regedit, and trust me, neither I nor you want me to go there.

I finally ended ut with these types of errors:

I was googling for solutions until my head was spinning. I finally found the solution in a thread on your support pages– not a solution Apple provided, because I have yet to see you answering anything1.

I really do not need to have to use Regedit in order to synk my iPad.  However, the other option was reinstalling the system, and I don’t want to have to go there, since I’d have to reinstall all my programs.

You see, your average iPad owner is not a computer tech, so we really have nothing to do down there.  But you don’t care, do you?  As long as the software runs smoothly on a Mac, you guys are happy.  I really belive that the reason is that I am a PC user and not a Mac user.  Not that you’re marking the iPad og iPod or iPhone with “Must also buy a Mac to run properly”, that’s just something we bitterly find out after we have spent silly amounts of money on your high priced products.  Because they ARE good, it’s just that the infrastructure you need to operate them (read: iTunes) is CRAPWARE FROM HELL.

Sorry for yelling that, but it’s what happens when you spend 5 evenings trying to sort iTunes out. I might have been able to live with that if it was a one off occurance, but it’s not. It’s happend before. It’s going to happen again, and I am so fed up with it.  I want a supplier who will value me as a client.  I’ll come back for more, if you could make sure I don’t have to spend 5 evenings several times a year unmessing a computer you messed up.

Incidentally, on Thursday I blew a fuse when one of your Apple fan boys felt the solution would be to get a Mac.  Listen up, Applepeople: I DO NOT WANT A MAC.  I want functioning infrastructure on the computer I already have, I’m happy with that one. It works for me, if not for you.  And remember, I haven’t even said anything about the need you feel to censor or anything like that.  I just want the infrastructure to work for a gadget for which I paid NOK 6 500 for. Got it? Your fanboys can shut the fugg up.

Borrowed from The doghouse diaries.

I planned to get an iPad 3 when it gets launched.  This week has made me realise I need to change that plan to a Galaxy Pad instead. I am pretty sure it will work better with a PC than you iTunes.  I’m not surprised you are suing Samsung, it looks and feels like your iPad and like I said, it’s probably going to work on my computer as well.

I think I am not alone in thinking that you’ll be having a run for the money in the gadget market. You have been innovative, but as consumers we are not grateful enough for that not to buy from the competitors if they provide better solutions.  Because still, while you have grown into a multi billion money machine selling gadgets, most people use PC’s and not Mac’s:

OS market share

Source: Wikimedia

I don’t think this is changing in favour of the Mac anytime soon, so how well a gadget works with a Microsoft OS computer is of the utmost importance. Because others will produce gadgets like the iPad and the iPod and the iPhone. I am for instance the happy user of a Windows 7 operated phone, working smoothly and even having a spell checker which doesn’t give you gibberish.  The people making the spellchecker for iOS products must have been smoking an illegal substance or something when they made it.

No wonder you are suing everyone. You know that you are on thin ice if the competition comes up with similar products.  I’m surprised you haven’t thought about taking care of your customers instead, but there you go; you don’t.

So here’s the thing: I have had it. My next tablet will not be an iPad. I’ve seen and touched a Samsung Galaxy pad, and it was very nice.  I’ll bet you my old iPad it works better with my PC.  I have too much other stuff to do to spend five evenings several times a year sorting out a mess you guys made on my computer.  Because you don’t test well enough before releasing.  I know I don’t have such a complicated setup that I am the only person experiencing these issues.  I can easily check that – combing through your support communities.  A lot of people are having the same problems every time.  You don’t seem to care.  Because you apparantly don’t want me as a customer.  Well – back at ya, Apple.  I’m like most consumers – we are unreliable SOBs. And:

You suck.

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  1. The headline on the Apple support community is “Join the conversation. Share tips and solutions with fellow Apple product users from all around the world”.  Apple doesn’t seem to be participating []

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14 Reader Comments

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  1. Michael says:

    I didn’t have any trouble upgrading iTunes, but I feel your pain. There is a certan arrogance about Apple.

    I’m looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. There is something appealing about the organised chaos that is Android.

    • Iskwew says:

      Michael, I haven’t used anything Android yet, I’ve always had phones on Win. Which was a pain until Win7 can for mobiles. Now I’m pleased.

      If you have no trouble upgrading iTunes – are you on a Mac or a PC?

  2. M:)rten says:

    Jeg har ikke sett så nøye på det, men forrige helg så skulle jeg overføre en nyinnkjøpt pinkfloyd over til Iphonen og det hang seg fullstendig hver gang. Jeg tok sekken og dro på tur, uten nyinnkjøpt pinkfloyd.

    Men jeg tror jeg oppdaterte til 10.5 først…….


    • Iskwew says:

      Morten, kjør ressursovervåkning og se om du har samme bilde.

      Jeg har byttet virus-program også, det kan ha vært den som var i konflikt. Byttet den av andre årsaker, for å kunne lokke på kontoret. Men den kan ha bidratt til å løse ressursproblemet i iTunes. Ikke at det spiller noen rolle, det er fortsatt et Apple problem.

  3. Lothiane says:

    Jeg har selv kun en iPod Touch, og har ikke hatt noen problemer med siste oppdatering (bortsett fra at det ble avbrutt underveis og jeg måtte starte på nytt). Ting ser ut til å fungere greit. Dessverre er det ikke alltid slik – så jeg skjønner godt du blir forbanna når du har måttet bruke så mye tid og energi på å ordne opp i dette.

    Takk for tips om Galaxy Tab! Jeg har smartphone fra Samsung (galaxy det og), og er for det meste fornøyd, men det er noe himla rot med Market for tida (der man henter apper).

    • Iskwew says:

      Lothiane, jeg er så forbannet at det kommer røyk ut av ørene mine. For dette er ikke første gangen. Det har bare vært enda mer komplekst denne gangen. At jeg skal måtte surre rundt nede i registernøkler er rett og slett helt håpløst.

      Jeg har ikke prøvd Galaxy tab, men den ser i hvert fall veldig fin ut!

  4. Jeg er helt enig med deg når det kommer til iTunes og Windows, det er bare styr og herk og ting som henger og sync som tar evigheter og likevel ikke overfører bildene.

    Det finnes sikkert alternative programmer man kan bruke, men Apple burde virkelig sørge for at iTunes fungerer på noe annet enn en Mac…


    Men jeg elsker jo min iPad, så jeg finner meg liksom i det… inntil videre i alle fall!

  5. Tormod says:

    Takk for en fin artikkel! Har selv erfart problemer med tidligere versjoner av iTunes, men har utsatt denne oppgraderingen pga frykt for slike problemer igjen.

    Nå for tiden bruker jeg bare iTunes til å synkronisere min eldgamle iPod Classic, så det er ikke livsviktig.

    Gikk over til Android-telefon tidligere i år, og har kun positive ting å si om min Samsung Galaxy SII. Den er rett og slett perfekt for meg. Min første pad blir garantert en Galaxy.

  6. Iskwew says:

    Cat, jeg er også glad i iPad’en min, men livet er for kort til å styre en uke med slike problemer fordi de oppgraderer iTunes. De er rett og slett nødt til å skjerpe seg og få den til å fungere på en Windows-maskin. Ellers får jeg meg noe annet!

  7. Iskwew says:

    Tormod, normalt bruker jeg å vente en god stund før jeg installerer noe Apple lager, fordi dette skjer gang på gang. Det er en strategi jeg skulle ha holdt fast ved.

    Neste gang er det Galaxy pad som gjelder. Jeg er ganske sikker på at den er bedre tilpasset Windows.

  8. IvarE says:

    Føler med deg.

    Selv om jeg må innrømme at jeg sakte og møysommelig har fått en viss sans for padda mi (det hadde du ikke trodd, det) så er det stort sett alt for mye plunder og heft med disse Eplene. Både podder og padder. Jeg hadde også et lite helvete ved siste oppgradering. De funker flott *når de funker*, men krangler desto mere og ondskapsfullere *når de krangler*. I tillegg til at Eplets kundeservice er så ille at de til og med kunne lært av #ruter eller lånekassa!

    Men LG Android-telefonen har jeg blitt glad i. Har du ikke prøvd droid så “løp og kjøp”.

  9. Iskwew says:


    Jeg visste nok at du kom til å elske den etter hvert, Ivar. Men jeg er der at jeg tror jeg kan elske en Galaxy tab like mye. Dermed kan det bli padde på droid neste gang.

    I hvert fall om jeg må ned i Regedit for å få iTunes til å virke 😯

  10. Milton says:

    As the true visionary I am, I haven’t touched a single mac product since 2001. I just stay away from evil, that’s all. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. This message is written on an android – samsung galaxy – and between the many things that I like with it, is that texting is actually faster with the swype keyboard than with an ordinary cellular keyboard – even if it is just a touch screen.

    • Iskwew says:

      That’ll be my next device, that’s for sure. I have so had it. The iPad is a nice well designed gadget, but if the infrastructure doesn’t work, it doesn’t help.